Stainless steel bollard

The SeaMAID stainless steel bollard is designed to light the surroundings of the pool, and marks out paths and gardens. It can be installed separately by using a specific ~220V/12V power unit or as a complement to an existing pool light. Made from 316L stainless steel, it has excellent resistance to outdoor corrosion. Its built-in reflective light system brings powerful and harmonious results. Its LED light source means that major savings can be made by pool users (energy savings) and also by professionals, when building a pool. A 2×1.5mm² power cable connected to a 10W toroidal safety transformer is all that is needed to install a SeaMAID stainless steel bollard (savings in labour and materials). The light head can be replaced easily without taking the bollard down. It can be installed on hard ground as well as in soil (grass plug provided). Cable not included.

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