SeaMAID flat led projector RGB Multicolor with remote control – 270 Led 15,9W


Lighthouse LED for an elegant pool lighting. Suitable for all types of pools and easy to install! RGB lamp with remote control

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SeaMAID flat led projector RGB Multicolor with remote control – 270 Led 15,9W

Universal flat Led spotlight without recess

The SeaMAID flat projector is compatible with all kinds of pools and is ideal for liner-fitted pools, as a PAR56 projector could lead to leakage problems.

Compatible with any type of structure, you can install it simply by screwing on a through-wall with 1 “½

The passage of the cable takes place within the through-wall until the box dirivazione, with a watertight total.
ABS base to screw through the wall.
The SeaMAID flat projector is:
Resistant: A polycarbonate injection gives the lamp a very high resistance to shocks, heat and chemical reactions with water treatment products.
Reliable and efficient: Ultrasonically welded lens, designed for underwater lighting applications, offers optimised and even light diffusion in the swimming pool while being gentle to swimmers’ eyes.
Economical: The LED based light source allows major savings, both for users (energy efficiency) and professionals, when constructing a pool. A 2×1.5mm² cable connected to a 20W protected toroidal transformer is sufficient for installing a SeaMAID projector (savings on materials, labour).
Easy to install: The back of its frame is equipped with a 1.5′ male thread, simplifying its installation and meaning that no special tools are needed. All you need to use is a conduit terminated by a 1.5′ vacuum fitting to screw in the SeaMAID flat projector by hand. The supply cable passes through a vacuum fitting in a water-tight tube to a connection box. (delivered with 2m of HO7RNF 2×1.5mm² cable).

  • Color temperature: RGB multicolor
  • Number of LEDs: 270
  • Programs: 11 colours and 5 sequences
  • Control: On / Off + remote control
  • Luminous efficiency: 510lm / full rGb
  • V. / Hz.: 12v / 50-60Hz
  • Power: 15,9W
  • Ra / CRI: > 70
  • Illumination beam: 120°



The system offers 16 programs including 11 static colours and 5 automatic modes. The control is made manually by the remote controller provided and also short cuts of the current.
Each fast cut of the current (less than 2 seconds) makes change the programs. After leaving the lamps OFF for over 10 seconds, switch ON restarts from the last program used.
The use of the remote controller requires a positioning facia to the lamp at a maximum distance of 10 meters, unfolded antenna. Metallic part closed to the lamp can cut the radio reception and the distance of use under 1 to 2 meters.
At first use, the remote controller needs to be paired with the receiver installed in the projector.

Pairing process
  • Install the battery in the remote controller and switch on the projector
  • Switch it OFF for a minimum of 20 seconds and turn ON the current again
  • Make fast OFF/ON/OFF/ON from the power supply of the lamp(s)
  • Press the buttons O & S together during 1 second
  • Each lamp connected flash several times to valid the pairing and keep a static color
Press several times the button C or P until obtaining the color or the desired program.
  • Low energy consumption
  • Saves work during installation
  • Long lifespan
  • No risk of overheating
  • No risk to eyes
  • Safe for children
  • Easy to install, and easy to use
  • 24 month warranty
  • TUV certified



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